The Siyakha Development Trust provides a platform for various types of funding:

Where a company wishes to house its development funds to then be allocated to the implementation of projects; grants to beneficiaries or donations to qualifying beneficiaries during the course of a year;

Where a large-scale industry programme is to be implemented the Fund houses all participatory funding which may include all or a combination of Private Equity Funding; Grant funding and Debt funding for the purposes of achieving significant industry transformation and sustainability over time.

Where a company wishes to deliver a long-term sustainable development programme; the fund houses the initial investment, may seek co-investment and will then allocate investment into developmental projects with a required return on investment to re-invest in long-term sustainability;

Where an industry peer or colleague has designed and will implement a strategy project but wishes to secure their client’s investment and assure their client that the fiduciary and reporting requirements are met

Where an Equity Equivalent project is to be launched, the Fund acts as a vehicle to house funding commitments and payments are disbursed according to an approved schedule of payments.


As part of our Fund Management process an approvals committee ensures that all funds received have a corresponding:

  • Implementation Priority with a clear plan and set criteria
  • Beneficiaries are defined, documented and recorded
  • All activities are scheduled in a detailed Implementation plan with critical performance indicators for project success.
  • Against these requirements above, monthly reports are drafted and the approvals committee meet monthly to ensure that the performance objectives, reporting and administration are accurately managed and reported against.
  • An independent party conducts audits of projects and Fund allocation twice per year.